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Fishing Report July 25th, 2018

The weather this week has definitely put a damper on our efforts.  It is supposed to get back to our normal weather pattern by Friday.  This time of year the tarpon are in post spawn mode.  Instead of roaming the area in tight social groups, they are usually found around a food source.  I generally fish with a variety of swimbaits.  Sight casting to fish rolling and busting bait on the surface.  There is a ton of bait in Charlotte Harbor right now.  I expect the fishing this next month to be awesome.

Most years the tarpon average a bit smaller than in May and June.  This year is different.  The fish we have caught in the last month have averaged well over 100 pounds.  We did catch a couple smaller ones in the 60-70 pound range, but they were the exception.

I am sure you have heard about the red tide event that affected our area last month.  Several groups are pushing a dialogue of doom and gloom.  Contrary to popular belief it is over.  It only affected less than 5% of our area.  Charlotte Harbor is 100% free and clear of red tide.  It never came into the harbor or the rivers.  The groups pushing the doom and gloom are financially motivated.  I thought they had a bunch of people working for them for free.  I just learned they are paying top dollar to some of these people making videos and pushing their "fake news" agenda.  One part timer with a failed guide business I just heard is making $60,000 a year.  I heard a couple others are making a lot more than that.  I wonder if he knows that?  Great use of the money people donated thinking they were doing something good.  Just pathetic.  Our beautiful beaches that are usually crowded with people are vacant.  Hotels, condos and restaurants that are usually full are also vacant.  These groups are hurting the economy of SW Florida and areas along the East Coast.   Luckily for Jenni and I we have a lot of regular clients so our book is full as usual.  I invite all non-believers to check out my Instagram and Facebook pages to see how it's really been.  Jenni has been on fire with her camera.  Check out the video we filmed with Humminbird June 21st.  That was right in the middle when these groups were screaming the loudest.  The real full time guides are too busy entertaining clients and catching fish to be a part of this.  After all this is the peak of tarpon season.  The other guys are always looking for an excuse for not having clients or not catching fish.Jenni and I were so excited to work with Humminbird last month.  We filmed a video about tarpon fishing and how we use the Solix 15SI and the one boat network every day.  To see this video click here!

The only days I still have available for the rest of my summer Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor season are August 18th and 19th.

We are super excited to get back down south and fish for tarpon in the Everglades and upper Keys again this fall.  November is booked solid, but I still have a few openings late September and a few in October.

I will do my best to keep my fishing report updated.  For faster reports with lots of photos check out our social media.

Till next time,

Captain Mark Bennett



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Boca Grande-Charlotte Harbor, Florida Fishing Report

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