Florida Tarpon Season

Explore the links below for the locations and times of the year I target these fish.

Everything you read and hear will tell you tarpon season is May and June.  May and June are great months to fish for tarpon, but they are not the only times that tarpon fishing is at it’s best.

By following the migration my season runs from March all of the way through the end of October.

March-August I fish for tarpon in the Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor area.

September and October I fish the fall migration in the Florida Everglades.


Boca Grande Florida Tarpon

Follow the links below for the details of how the season breaks down.

For Fishing in the Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor Area.

For Fishing in the Florida Everglades.

Tarpon fishing in the Florida Everglades with Captain Mark Bennett

If you are planning a trip to Florida in search of tarpon call or email.

I will give you a rundown on the best days to fish around the time that you will be here.