In my opinion, this is the number one most important page on this site.  Without happy clients I have nothing.

06-04-2021 and 06-05-2021 

Captain Mark,

THANK YOU again for a fantastic few days in Boca Grande. My son and I made memories to last a lifetime.

To everyone reading this review – the bottom line is that if your’e a serious fisherman thinking about it, BOOK IT. It is life-changing to hook into one of these fish, and Capt Mark is the best there is. My son and I just came back from a father-son fishing trip together, and the grand finale of the trip was tarpon. Capt Mark suggested that we should fish for everything else before going out with him, because after tarpon, nothing would look the same again — and he was absolutely right.

I called a lot of places when researching this trip, and there are TONS of options to choose from. Some will guarantee a tarpon (which just sounds suspicious), some will bundle fishing for other species. After having done this trip, for us, there is no way we would ever even think about doing something different again.

Most charters down there focus on “The Pass.” It is a flotilla of boats when the tarpon are in, and if that’s your cup of tea, then enjoy! We knew we wanted a more focused trip, away from the crowds and Capt Mark delivered in spades. He and Jenni are a well oiled machine, intensely focused on this amazing fish. That intensity makes it really exciting.

This is unlike any other type of fishing you have done. It is not a “drifting and dreaming” trip. You do not soak baits or cast blindly about. No, this is pure big game hunting. The PURSUIT is what gets the adrenaline pumping. You’ll see the fish rolling in the distance and then stalk them. At this point you need to TRUST THE CAPTAIN. He can read these fish and understand what they’re doing and where they are going — and this is a great learning experience. If it all comes together, then you are casting to that pod with fresh baits. Once you hook up, you’ll get the rush of fighting a freight train, but again…. it’s the entire process that is exciting.

Capt Mark is ethical and honest. He never once inflated expectations and was a straight shooter from the beginning. Everything was perfect, even in less than ideal conditions (wind). He and Jenni make it look easy and smooth, and that is the result of a lifetime of experience and practice. The equipment and boat are perfect, and the whole operation is pure tarpon. Gotta love it. We cannot wait to come back.

Aaron S.

Any day you hook a tarpon is a great day.  This guy’s ignorance is the problem.  I will address each and every concern in his email.  I am putting it on my website to educate perspective clients that are researching for a tarpon trip.  When hiring a guide you are simply paying  for his time and expertise not a fish.

This guy never talked to me before booking the trip.  His buddy Rico is who set it up.  I had talked to Rico via email and on the phone.

I informed Rico the night before that the weather was going to be bad.  SSE wind 15+ mph.  That is enough to make fishing Charlotte Harbor too rough.  I gave him two options, either fish the beach out of Venice or cancel the trip.  His deposit would have been returned 100%.  He wanted to try the beach.  It would be windy, white caps and cloudy but he insisted we go.

They picked my brain on all aspects of everything fishing around Charlotte Harbor all day.  From techniques to bait.  About every species that lives there.  I gladly talked to them all day while looking through the waves trying to find a few cooperative tarpon.

Keep in mind we hooked up on a 100# tarpon this day.  His buddy Rico blew it.

All the photos on this post were the couple days previous to and couple days after Ben’s day.

This email is in it’s entirety and completely unedited.  I even left his spelling errors and misquoted times. 

Captain Mark and first mate Jenni,

I wanted to give a testimonial about my recent experience fishing with you.  Please share this on your website.

My friend Ricardo and I booked Captain Mark for what we believed would be an inshore artificial tarpon fishing experience.  We were scheduled to fish July 5th, 2022.  When we arrived we learned that we would not be fishing inshore, we would not be fishing artificial lures instead we would fish live bait just off the Venice Beach in the gulf.  Ricardo and I are both locals (transplants, not locals), both own boats, and are both completely capable of following pods of tarpon along the coast.  This was neither the experience we wanted nor expected.  Things change, fish move and we understand that so we went along with the plan placing our confidence in Captain Mark.  We spent hours passing small pod after small pod of tarpon waiting and looking for a larger pod.  When we did stop to fish we would only have a line in the water for roughly 60 seconds.  A minute.  Through out the entire trip we made four stops to put lines in the water.  Do the math.  That’s roughly 4 minutes of actual lines in the water fishing time.  Now Ricardo on our third stop did have a tarpon on the line for about a minute before it got off.  This we totally understand and place zero blame or responsibility on Captain Mark for either.  Tarpon are difficult to catch.  That’s the draw to fish them.  So add that additional fishing time in we had a little over 5 minutes of total fishing time.  Some days on the water are slow and rough.  That too we totally understand and place no fault in Captain Mark.  However of that total fishing time I personally held a rod in my hand for roughly 60 seconds total the entire day.  My partner Ricardo maybe 3 minutes total.  At our fourth and final stop for the day neither myself nor Ricardo handled a fishing rod.  Instead Captain Mark fished as the pod of tarpon swam past.  Now I’m assuming he had hoped to hook up and hand a rod off for one of us to reel in a fish.  We’ve both been fishing our entire lives and we’re not paying to reel in a fish someone else cast too, got the bite on, and set the hook.  We paid to fish.  One time throughout the day Captain Mark mentioned that he was surprised we hadn’t seen more fish.  At no point did Captain Mark or first mate Jenni make any aknowledgement that it wasn’t a great day fishing that it in fact was a pretty slow and lousy day fishing.  At no point did they express any concern that maybe their clients hadn’t had a very rewarding experience.  Having a great and rewarding fishing experience is not dependant an catching fish.  There are a lot of other factors that go into it.  So after close to 8 hours on the water my personal experience was 60 seconds of fishing.  My partner Ricardo about three minutes of fishing.  Captain Mark and first mate Jenni openly discussed their plans the following day for their next set of clients, which felt pretty classless since we just spent 8 hours driving past fish to find fish and only had lines in the water for maybe 4 minutes.  Mark and Jenni gladly, greedily even accepted payment, plus tip as if we had some exceptional experience on the water.  I’m angry at myself for giving a tip that I should not have given.  I’m angry at myself for paying the balance of the trip.  Ricardo and I had paid 50% down at 400.00. That 400.00 was more than adequate payment for 4 minutes of fishing, in fact overly generous.  Captain Mark and first mate Jenni apparently find it perfectly acceptable to charge 800.00 for 4 minutes of fishing and will gladly take your tip.  Had either Captain Mark or Jenni said “hey sorry fishing kind of sucked today.” Or “it was just a really slow day out there today.” Any aknowledgent whatsoever I wouldn’t feel as angry.  Even the very basic professional decent thing to do would have been to refuse a tip.  They could have said something like “thanks for the generous offer of a tip but we don’t think 4 minutes of fishing deserves a tip.” But here’s the catch.  They do believe that it’s okay to charge 800.00 for 4 minutes of fishing and receive a tip on top.

I would VERY MUCH like to see a real, honest testimonial from a not so great day on your website.  Give potential clients a look at what they might expect on maybe a not so good day.  Unless you genuinely believe that was an average or better day fishing then for sure this should be posted so that future clients get an honest review of an average or better day.  On a personal note I’m angry at myself for tipping.  I’m angry at myself for paying the balance would you still charge full price for a trip that resulted in less than 5 minutes of fishing due to weather?  A mechanical failure?  All types of things happen that are beyond anyone’s control and the fact that you can feel good about taking 800.00 anyway is just kind of insulting.  So obviously I know you won’t post this on your website testimonials so I’ve tried to find and post reviews anywhere I can but fortunately for you there just aren’t many places set up for reviews.  Trip advisor is the only one I’ve found.  I am  however a member of a large nation-wide but largely here local Saltwater Fishing community and I’ve shared my experience with that group as well.  The responses from that group have been an overwhelming “you got screwed” basically.  I saw one other negative review on trip advisor and I saw how you attacked the poster for not telling the truth.  Tell me that I’m not telling the truth Captain Mark.  I don’t know how you in good conscious could accept full payment and tip for 4 lousy minutes of fishing.

Very disgusted, Ben

7/10/2022-My response to Ben D. Hass

“My friend Ricardo and I booked Captain Mark for what we believed would be an inshore artificial tarpon fishing experience.  We were scheduled to fish July 5th, 2022.  When we arrived we learned that we would not be fishing inshore, we would not be fishing artificial lures instead we would fish live bait just off the Venice Beach in the gulf.”

Tarpon movements around our area are quite complex.  In a nutshell, the fish show up generally in the passes, Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor.  Then eventually they all end up along the beaches and passes by May.  Later in the season they move back in the Harbor.  Sometimes mid June, sometimes July.  Sometimes August.  This year it looks like later than that.  The majority of the tarpon are still on the outside at the time of this writing.  None of this happens the same every year.  That is why I never book an artificial only trip in the Harbor or inshore as he says.  I don’t even tell you an exact pickup location.  I give several boat ramps but nothing is in stone till the night before the trip.  I will say probably or we might be going here or there.  There is no way to know where the majority of the tarpon will be on July 5th when you book the trip in May.  If there is I wish someone would tell me.  Tarpon are very different than say snook.  I can catch a snook in the Peace River, the beach in Boca Grande or off of Pine Island in the same week, any week just about year round.  Tarpon are highly migratory.  Meaning they are very unpredictable at best.

Also I failed to mention with a stiff southeast wind that day the Harbor was rough and unfishable.  As lifelong boaters and fishermen as he states later in the email they should know this already.  They live on the water in Charlotte Harbor.

“Ricardo and I are both locals, both own boats, and are both completely capable of following pods of tarpon along the coast.  This was neither the experience we wanted nor expected.”

Being locals what you actually wanted was to learn/steal spots close to your new house on the water in Port Charlotte.  The fact I had you drive 30 minutes to a different ramp was in fact a big problem.  Also how capable are you of following pods along the coast when you have never fished for tarpon along the coast before?  It took me years to learn.  In fact after 30 years as a tarpon guide I am still learning.  Today reinforces why I shouldn’t book locals.  Lesson learned.

“We spent hours passing small pod after small pod of tarpon waiting and looking for a larger pod.  When we did stop to fish we would only have a line in the water for roughly 60 seconds.  A minute.  Through out the entire trip we made four stops to put lines in the water.  Do the math.  That’s roughly 4 minutes of actual lines in the water fishing time.  Now Ricardo on our third stop did have a tarpon on the line for about a minute before it got off.”

The weather was far from perfect conditions.  It was windy and cloudy.  Not good for sightcasting tarpon.  They were given the option of canceling and receiving their deposit back but they insisted we try to go.  The small “pods” he talks about were literally groups of two to three fish separated by hundreds of yards of shoreline.  We had three actual pods of fish.  Maybe 15-30 fish each.  The stops he talks about was when I casted a crab in front of a string of fish that was moving about 4 miles an hour down the beach.  If we left the lines in the water after the 30 seconds it took for the fish to swim by our bait what purpose would it serve?  He generously said 4 minutes it was probably in fact 2.5 minutes at best.  The three pods we encountered were in a 30 minute window midway through the trip.  We covered 50 miles of beach according to my gps and saw no other tarpon.  I think he didn’t understand the concept.  He probably thought we were in a “spot” and should have cast out and sat there.  Much like fishing for snapper or trout etc.  I might have made 7 or 8 casts all day.  We hooked a tarpon on one of them.  He doesn’t understand sightcasting.  You see the fish and cast a line in front of them.  Not sit and watch a bobber for hours.  Had I just anchored up where we saw the first tarpon and sat there all day it would have saved me $100 in gas as well as got us a well deserved skunk.  Keep in mind we did hook up a 100+ pound tarpon.

“At our fourth and final stop for the day neither myself nor Ricardo handled a fishing rod.  Instead Captain Mark fished as the pod of tarpon swam past.  Now I’m assuming he had hoped to hook up and hand a rod off for one of us to reel in a fish.  We’ve both been fishing our entire lives and we’re not paying to reel in a fish someone else cast too, got the bite on, and set the hook”

First of all you don’t set the hook with a circle hook, this is why you lost the tarpon we did have on the line.  The last stop as he puts it was a brief moment I cast to a string of 10 fish moving fast down the bar.  I didn’t have the time to hand the rod off before they were past us.  Yes he was correct in saying I wanted to get tight and hand off the rod.  One doesn’t simply reel in a tarpon.  I already saw their lack of skills on the first fish.

“Some days on the water are slow and rough.  That too we totally understand and place no fault in Captain Mark.”

Really?  Then what is this email about?

“One time throughout the day Captain Mark mentioned that he was surprised we hadn’t seen more fish.  At no point did Captain Mark or first mate Jenni make any aknowledgement that it wasn’t a great day fishing that it in fact was a pretty slow and lousy day fishing.  (I thought that was kinda obvious) At no point did they express any concern that maybe their clients hadn’t had a very rewarding experience.  Having a great and rewarding fishing experience is not dependant an catching fish.”

I guess he wasn’t listening to me complain about the lack of fish on the beach all day.  Or complaining about the white caps and waves that just got worse as the day went.  No one on that beach wants to catch a tarpon more than me.  Also no one is happier to hook one than me.  I was really bummed out when Rico’s fish threw the hook.  I think I said, “Noooo!!!”  When it happened.  I knew with the weather conditions and the apparent lack of tarpon all morning it would likely be our only bite.  Another guide fishing the same area, a friend of mine, went all day without seeing a fish or making a cast.

“Captain Mark and first mate Jenni openly discussed their plans the following day for their next set of clients, which felt pretty classless since we just spent 8 hours driving past fish to find fish and only had lines in the water for maybe 4 minutes.  Mark and Jenni gladly, greedily even accepted payment, plus tip as if we had some exceptional experience on the water.  I’m angry at myself for giving a tip that I should not have given.  I’m angry at myself for paying the balance of the trip.  Ricardo and I had paid 50% down at 400.00. That 400.00 was more than adequate payment for 4 minutes of fishing, in fact overly generous.  Captain Mark and first mate Jenni apparently find it perfectly acceptable to charge 800.00 for 4 minutes of fishing and will gladly take your tip.  Had either Captain Mark or Jenni said “hey sorry fishing kind of sucked today.” Or “it was just a really slow day out there today.” Any aknowledgent whatsoever I wouldn’t feel as angry.  Even the very basic professional decent thing to do would have been to refuse a tip.  They could have said something like “thanks for the generous offer of a tip but we don’t think 4 minutes of fishing deserves a tip.” But here’s the catch.  They do believe that it’s okay to charge 800.00 for 4 minutes of fishing and receive a tip on top.”

First of all the only “classless” thing here is mentioning my wife Jenni at all in this email.  Although at 100# soaking wet I am sure she was intimidating to a couple guys like them.  It was a 6 hour trip not 8 as he mentions over and over.  At no time during the day or after did either of them express any concerns or ask any questions about how the trip went.  If they did I would have addressed them on the spot.  In fact after receiving this email I immediately called and sent several emails to get him to call me and discuss his concerns but he refused to contact me.  Talk about spineless.  They paid me, gave me a $160 tip and shook my hand at the end of the day.  They also shook Jenni’s hand I remember her saying, “It was great fishing you guys today.”  As she always does.  Meaning great meeting you and spending time chasing tarpon around all morning.

As far as discussing our plans for the next day, which I openly discuss with Jenni on the boat daily was, “If we don’t see more fish than this tomorrow, we need to go elsewhere the following day.”  Meaning somewhere cold, unscouted because we are booked 7 days a week.  Fortunately there were a lot more fish around the next few days.  The photos included prove it.

“Greedily”. Ok.  My alarm goes off at 2:30 am every day.  I have 20 minutes “me” time and start loading the boat.  Rods, electronics, $50 dollar a dozen crabs etc.  Jenni generally folds a load or two of laundry done the previous afternoon.  Then I drive to the ramp at 4:15 am stopping to get 4 $4 a bag ice and fill up my boat with almost $5 a gallon gas.  To arrive at a boat ramp launch the boat and be ready at 5:00 am.  Meet the clients at 5:30 am and fish for 6 hours.  Then load the boat back on the trailer and head home.  Stopping by Publix for a sub.  Yes, I am sick of eating subs every day.  Unfortunately we don’t have enough hours in the day to eat a proper meal.  We arrive home by 1pm or so.  Jenni washes the boat while I rig tackle.  Then I do any maintenance on the boat and trailer that is needed.  Hopefully to have everything done by 5pm.  I try to go to bed by 6pm.  Most nights it ends up being 7:30pm.  So it isn’t $800 for 4 minutes of fishing.  To say I busted my ass that day is an understatement.  If they tried to stiff us on the balance like he says he should have done, I assure you law enforcement would be involved.

“So obviously I know you won’t post this on your website testimonials.”

Well dude here you go.  You really don’t know me too well.


Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett
Tarpon fishing along the beaches near Boca Grande with Captain Mark Bennett

Captain Mark,

Thank you again for an amazing trip. I must say I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to fish in many spectacular places and catch some great game fish. All the while making memories I will never forget. Having guided trips for friends and been a deck hand throughout many of my earlier years, I know first hand how challenging it is to successfully provide people with a memorable trip.

A great captain understands what it takes to consistently provide people with this kind of experience. In my opinion, the success of a trip is derived from doing the little things right, which all too often go unnoticed. It’s the little things that separate the great captains from the average Joes. It’s being able to spot the subtle indications that reveal game fish, providing meticulous attention to detail with regard to tackle preparation, and proper boat positioning. It’s being dedicated and maintaining focus – so that when an opportunity presents itself, you capitalize with a hookup. Lastly and most significantly, it is truly guiding the people you are fishing, and allowing them to share in and enjoy the adventure.

You have mastered everything mentioned above. In my mind, you are perhaps the best captain I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with. While I know that is a bold statement to make, it’s also quite apparent you and Jenni have created without a doubt, one of the top charter operations in Florida. Personally, fishing with y’all is more like fishing with old friends, and I really appreciate that. I am looking forward to next year.


Mike Tenini

Everglades tarpon on fly

Nearly 10 years ago, I was asked by the woman who would become my wife to join her on a week-long trip to meet her sister’s family in Venice, Florida.  As exciting as an entire week with prospective in-laws could be, my agreement to make the journey was contingent upon my ability to fish for a day.  I began searching the internet for fishing charters along the Gulf Coast of Florida.  It wasn’t long before I discovered tarpon fishing in Boca Grande.  Growing up fishing with my grandfather, a tarpon trip was always on our bucket list.  Sadly, he passed years before.

 The videos and articles of Boca Grande fishing were impressive, the multitude of websites were overwhelming.  I stumbled upon the Florida Wildlife Institute’s website after reading about a tarpon tagging and preservation project and was able to find my way to Mark’s website  It was different, it wasn’t a bunch of flash and bold claims, it was real information that showed a devotion to and passion for what he was doing.  I booked a trip, but remained nervous as I had no information other than what I had seen online.

 Now happily married, I travel to Florida every year to visit my growing number of in-laws in Florida.  I book my trips around Mark’s availability.  If I cannot fish with Mark, I will move my trip up or back a week to be able to fish with him and Jenni.

Through the years I have fished in May-June and later in mid-August, boating fish from 60-175 lbs.  We have fished along the beaches and throughout Charlotte Harbor, casting artificials and using live bait.  Mark and Jenni have never failed to disappoint.  Mark is masterful at boat positioning and can place you where you need to be to hook up and fight fish.  Mark and Jenni are also great at coaching any skill level to get fish to the boat.  I won’t speak for Mark or Jenni, but the great days seem a bit easier on them.  Hooking up and boating a fish early seems to take the load off.

 The tougher days are where they really shine.  Jenni is second to none at spotting activity that can lead you to a pod of fish, even at day break when its seemingly impossible to see.  I have been on several charters with other Captains where a bad day was met with an “oh well that’s fishing” as we sit in the same place and do the same thing with no results.  Mark and Jenni are not that way.  We have had tough days with high winds and red tide and they both have worked their tails off to find fish.

 The long and short of it is, if you want to drink beer on a party boat, eat bananas or wear black soled shoes, or sit right next to another boat snagging tarpon in Boca Grande Pass, find another Captain.  If you want to stalk, find and catch incredible tarpon in pristine waters near Boca Grande, call Mark.


Ken Flood

Hi Mark,

Mike and I wanted to say “thanks” for the great fishing trip today. You and your wonderful wife made our day a memory to remember for a long time. Your willingness to go the “extra mile” to insure our pleasure and satisfaction is commendable in this world of ho-hum service.

We are looking forward to seeing you again in early June.

Doug Cole

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

As a child growing up on the Gulf Coastal waters of South Texas, my father taught me how to fish before he taught me how to ride a bike.  I remember hearing his vivid stories about how the Tarpon used to rule the waters around the Port Aransas, Texas area.  Images of giant, sparkling monsters leaping out of the water, shimmering scales glistening in the sun as they tried to throw the hook filled my mind as a young boy.  A dream was born.

I began my search online for the best Tarpon fishing spot in the world.  Boca Grande, FL was near the top of just about everyone’s list.  Having decided on a location to fish, I then started the search for a guide and I wanted to fish with the BEST.  Overwhelmed by the sheer number of guides making claims in that area, I stumbled upon Mark’s name while reading a magazine article.  I decided to do a little more research.  Upon reading his thoughts on ethical behavior, conservation, and a brief phone conversation, I knew Mark was the type of guy this Texan could get along with.  I got the sense that he was a TRUE fisherman and a stand-up human being.

As I stepped off the plane in Florida, I had no idea what to expect in a Tarpon fishing trip.  Was this guy going to show up on time?  Were these fish really all that I had them cracked up to be? Were we even going to catch one?  We walked out to the pier where Mark was going to pick us up 10 minutes early because I damn sure won’t be the guy that everyone else is waiting on.  Before I even had a chance to sit down on the pier and stretch my legs out over the calm, glasslike water and take a sip of my morning coffee, Mark and Jenni showed up.  I was glad we were all on the same page.  It didn’t take long to reach our first spot, and just as the sun began creeping up over the horizon, Jenni exclaimed “fish!”.  My heart began to flutter with excitement once I saw what all the commotion was about – a pod of tarpon rolling in the distance.  I still think that lady has a 15x zoom feature built into her ocular cavities because she can definitely spot the fish a mile away. I sure am glad she was on the same boat as we were.  I wanted Mark to race over to them but he knew better.  He did his thing and before I knew it…. WHAM, our first fish was hooked.  That fish flew out of the water like a Trident Missile being launched from a submarine.  Having never fought a Tarpon before, my inexperience showed.  However, Mark and Jenni are great coaches.  They took the time to teach us what we needed to know and how to do things the right way.  The first day was nonstop excitement.  I felt like a kid again, fascinated by the beauty and strength of these amazing creatures.  I giggled and laughed like a 13 year old school girl when the fish would roll, jump and thrash.  The second day was no different.  For two days, Mark had us on fish and I had the time of my life. The experience was beyond my wildest dreams.

One of the most obvious things I noticed on our trip was that we were constantly catching fish while the other boats in our area seemed to be struggling.  There really is a lot more to catching these fish besides finding them and throwing some bait in the water.  Mark’s years of experience really showed.  I’m sure the people on the boats around us were pretty jealous.  Another thing I noticed is that when It was time to catch bait, no time was wasted whatsoever.  Mark and Jenni really have it perfected down to an art.  That meant that we spent the maximum amount of time fishing instead of getting ready to fish, and I was grateful.  I was also thoroughly impressed by the pictures that Jenni took to document our trip.  The photos are priceless and she is extremely skilled with a camera.  The pictures are like icing on the cake for me.

Mark and Jenni are truly invested in fishing and providing their clients with the absolute best experience possible.  This fishing was spectacular, the scenery was breathtaking, and the people were truly exceptional.  I look forward to many more trips to come.  Thank you for turning one of my boyhood dreams into a reality.  I now realize there are two types of fishing in this world…  There’s “fishing” and then there’s “TARPON FISHING WITH MARK BENNETT!!”, and I prefer the latter.


Mark Galloway

Corpus Christi, Texas

Boca Grande tarpon

Hey Mark & Jenni,

I just want to thank you both for an absolutely amazing experience. I’ve chartered over 30 captains over the past 5 years and you’re right at the top of that list. Your knowledge, expertise and demeanor really sets you guys apart. And those photos! There isn’t one boat that can offer such an amazing service. I’ll be spending my nights trying to re-capture those moments every chance I get.

Hit me your mailing address – I’m going to send you a couple of those fly lines. If you have days open up drop me a line, I can pretty much hop down there with little or no lead time.

Looking forward to the next trip!

Will Keh

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Tarpon Heaven, July 2014

If you want to catch Tarpon, go with Captain Mark.

I’ve recently been fishing for 5 days with Captain Mark and I have to say it was one of the best fishing holidays I’ve ever had. I’ve been destination fishing for over 20+ years mainly fly fishing. I’ve been fortunate enough to have fished lots of nice places, numerous times. I’ve fished Alaska, The Florida Keys, Belize, Venezuela, Tanzania, Cuba, St Brandons, Christmas Island, the list goes on. I have been truly lucky, so I have an idea of what guides & Captains are all about.

In April 2014, my friend and I went to The Rio San Juan in Nicaragua to catch Tarpon, what a disaster, no fish, just monster bugs, cockroaches everywhere, even in my bed, oh yeah and beans and rice. Anyway, when I got home to England I thought I’ve just got to go Tarpon fishing somewhere nice, so there I am, looking on the internet and up pops Captain Mark. I was really impressed by his web site and what I was reading, so I emailed him to ask of he had any availability. He emailed back virtually straight away. He said had some time slots, but not many. I emailed back, “hold that slot”. I then asked my wife if she fancied a week away in Florida and would it be OK if I fished for 1 or 2 days (which was a lie, I was going to fish for 5 days) to my surprise she said yes and didn’t mind me fishing as long as she could sunbathe, happy days! Result, so I booked.

On my first days fishing I met Captain Mark and his wife Jenni at the dock at 5.15am. Jenni acts as his crew, fish spotter and photographer. I wasn’t sure about this at first but how wrong was I, she was absolutely brilliant and the photos were even better, I have over 200 fantastic shots of Tarpon that I could never have dreamed of getting myself. Throughout the 5 days of our stay, after leaving the dock we would arrive at Captain Mark’s chosen fishing area as dawn was breaking, although it was hard work getting up, it’s a lovely time of day and when you start seeing the Tarpon rolling, it’s even better.

Although Captain Mark is a fly fisherman himself, his advice was to use conventional tackle as we would have more chance of hook ups. I wasn’t about to argue, especially after the disaster in Nicaragua. He was right, in fact he was right all week, that’s why he is the Captain, indeed one of the best Captains I’ve ever fished with. I could write a lot more but I’ll quickly go through my days on the water.

Day 1. We had numerous hits and managed to catch 1 tarpon and 1 shark. (Double hookup on the first tarpon, Capt. Mark caught a tarpon as well.)

Day 2. With safety in mind, we had to stop fishing after a couple of hours due to lightening and bad weather, we still had 3 hits that didn’t stick.

Day 3.. We landed 4 tarpon, lost a couple and had numerous hits, great day. Also we had a dolphin swim up to the boat, it was so friendly we ended up feeding it, we could have been at Sea World.

Day 4. A couple of hits and 1 landed Tarpon on virtually the last cast of the day, a bit harder but that’s fishing.

Day 5. Numerous hits, a couple of lost fish, 3 Tarpon caught, another great day.

All the above mentioned fish ranged between 50lb and 160lb and took me between 20 minutes and 1 hour to land, my arms were dropping off at the end of the day 3.

What made my holiday even better was that my wife came out on the boat for the last 3 days, she really enjoyed it especially the dolphin. So I’m allowed to come back fishing with Captain Mark and Jenni next year, which is something I really want to do.

Hope this has been helpful, if anyone wants any more information feel free to email me at and I’ll give you any other info you might require.

Tight Lines,

John Jessop, UK

Tarpon fishing

Capt. Mark is bar-none the most dedicated and avid tarpon fisherman that I’ve ever been associated with.

Jason Cannon

Managing Editor, Sport Fishing Magazine

Capt. Mark is bar-none the most dedicated and avid tarpon fisherman that I’ve ever been associated with. I have never heard someone get so excited about every single fish he catches. It’s great to be around. And as professional guides go, he and Jenni combine for a tandem that can’t be beat, both in numbers of fish caught and for a fun experience on the water in-between bites (which isn’t very often on a typical day with those two).

The best part is that his customers reap all the rewards — and lifelong memories — of Mark’s life spent chasing these beautiful and exciting gamefish, as we are the ones who get to enjoy every jump and bow to the silver king on the other end of the line.

My dad, a lifetime native Florida angler, will never forget the first big tarpon he caught at age 49 in 2002, with Capt. Mark. Then again, how can he?! The photo that I took of him with that fish went on to become the cover shot of the Sept/Oct 2002 edition of Sport Fishing magazine. That cover hangs on the wall in his home today and for years to come to remind us all of that incredible experience of what has become a typical day of ‘poon fishing with Capt. Mark Bennett. Now, at the start of every season, I’m calling Mark begging him to take me tarpon fishing again. ‘Just one more shot, Mark.’… Problem is, word’s out on him and he gets booked in a hurry.

My advice: Don’t miss your shot. Call Mark and book a trip NOW.

Jason Cannon, managing editor, Sport Fishing Magazine

Sport Fishing Magazine

What an amazing 3 days of fishing my brother and I have just experienced. Buck and I caught 7 tarpon with chances of 5 more. We had the privilege of tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett and 1st Mate Jenni Bennett. The days were full of fishing stories that could have only come from a guide with 20 plus years of experience of fishing for tarpon from Homosassa to the Everglades. And the stories were not just about catching the ‘Silver Kings’ and their behavior, but also a love for guiding and those that mentored him and meeting people. Being novices, you can guess how excited we were, but to my surprise, Mark and Jenni were more excited than us. When the fish were spotted, it was as though Mark was seeing them for the first time and everyday he had that same excitement and enthusiasm. His presentation to the pod was right on each time and his maneuvering of the boat with our fish on always kept the fish in front of the boat. He was as patient as anyone with two people that had never done this and told us exactly what we needed to do to land these monsters. There is no wonder why he is considered by Sport Fishing Magazine the top tarpon guide in Boca Grande, Florida which makes him one of the top captains in the world. But please consider he has the best 1st mate in Florida also. Jenni consistently spotted fish we could not see and always had the rod baited with the bait of the day as well as steering the boat when we were fighting fish. If that sounds to good to be true, also consider she is a professional ‘tarpon’ photographer. That’s right, she also was taking pictures of every jump the fish made, the enjoyment on our faces with a fish on and the release of the fish by Mark and us. Her photographs are sought after by sporting magazines from Texas to Florida. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a tarpon jumping out of the water and running off your line as if that was the reason he was born.

There are very few people in this life one meets that have the power to share a great and wonderful experience with you. These two people truly share this kind of experience with you.

Mark and Jenni, you truly made a dream a reality for me.

Randy Howe Guntersville, Al

tarpon fishing

Fishing for and catching tarpon with Mark and Jenni was a pleasure. We fished all day and only saw two or three other boats and those were at a distance that did not interfere with our experience. Mark definitely knows his fishery and understands the local tarpon. He was able to match the feeding habits of these tarpon perfectly. We kept a tarpon on the line all day catching 5 large tarpon in one morning.

One of the best days fishing that I have ever had. I will definitely remember this and will be back ASAP.

Once again thanks,

Mike Shealy

After seeing some large tarpon on a trip to the Keys, I vowed to my son that we would catch one of those giant fish. My promise turned out more difficult than expected until we found Captain Mark and Jenni. Understanding that Boca Grande offered some of the best tarpon fishing in the world, we booked several trips with other fishing guides but did not even see a tarpon. However, when we fished with Captain Mark and Jenni we spotted tarpon early in the day and we hooked up in no time. Clark jumped four fish and landed one after about an hour long battle.

He will never forget this first tarpon.

Thank you Captain Mark and Jenni!

Sincerely, Randall and Clark Place

Capt. Mark and Jenni,

It has been a couple of weeks since we fished together and have really had time to collect my thoughts, and let it soak in a little.

Let me start by telling you what an incredible experience fishing with you two was. It is like the two of you have some kind of intuition going that was really unbelievable. Jenni sees some fish, Mark is on them, Jenni is rigging, Capt. Mark  holds out his hand , Jenni places a rod in his hand, He casts , hands the rod to me, and it is on!! And is it ever on!  Then the verbal commands start. What a pro! I have never fished with a guide (and I have fished all over the world) that had as much knowledge, patience, and ability to teach you how to be successful at catching and landing HUGE Tarpon. The whole time wonderful Jenni shooting great images of the fight, re-enforcing Marks instructions, and all the while encouraging you to hang in there.

It would be impossible for me to convey to anyone what a life experience those four days were, awesome fishing, lots of laughs, beautiful surroundings, and lifelong friends, but we know what went down. I have told everyone I know about the 4 days in June, and now I’m sharing my thoughts with you.

If I could offer just one piece of advice it would be to try to book at least two days, because you are going to love fishing with these guys!

I plan to fish with you guys for many years. I’m Hooked now.

John Gholson

Fort Worth, Texas

I wanted to take a moment and thank you both for the Tarpon trip of a lifetime. I could have never imagined a more exciting trip in my wildest dreams. To say the trip was “Awesome” would be an understatement. It was pure magic to witness the numbers of Tarpon you put us onto. Seeing first hand the skill and knowledge you provide for your clients was spectacular and left us with sore arms from fighting the “Silver King”. We will be back to do it all again… After our battered bodies have recovered from fighting so many Tarpon.


Rod Luke, Luke Brothers Custom Homes, Rotunda, FL

Tarpon fishing charters

After fishing extensively in the northeast (tuna & stripers) and S.E. Alaska (salmon & halibut) I moved to Florida’s gulf coast where the tarpon fishing is world class.

Fourteen years ago I was fortunate to have had Capt. Mark Bennett recommended to me as a tarpon guide and I have had no reason to search further. Capt. Bennett has consistently put me on fish and has created productive days often at times when it was obvious that other local guides were struggling.

Capt. Bennett is a man who has a passion for tarpon and tarpon fishing and is on the local waters everyday (even his “free days”) in order to locate and obtain a better understanding of this magnificent fish. This translates into a skill level seen in few, and a hookup ratio envied by many.

For providing exceptional experiences and lifetime memories thank you Mark.

Jeffery Milley, St. Pete Beach, FL

Tarpon fishing guide

To anyone who is looking for a top native Floridian guide to put you on fish in the Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor area I highly recommend Captain Mark Bennett. I have fished all over the world and have not found a guide with the personality, knowledge, first class tackle and boats, around the globe. The fact is I have fished with Captain Mark for over twelve years now and continue to book for both backcountry fishing as well as Mark’s specialty, Tarpon. I truly believe that Mark is part Tarpon, he knows how to read the movements of the pods and puts you right on top of the fish without spooking them, unlike most guides I previously fished with in the past…he always finds the fish and the best part is that he refuses to join the cluster of boats in Boca Grande Pass. I have fished with numerous guides in the Boca Grande/Port Charlotte area who fished the pass and half the battle if and when you hooked a tarpon was fighting the boat traffic not the fish. Mark fishes along the beaches and the harbor area where the water is shallow and the “Poons” have the opportunity to show their true acrobatic talents. The backcountry fishing for snook and redfish is phenomenal with Mark, as well. I highly recommend booking a scenic shallow water experience in this beautiful area…nothing beats hearing a snook or redfish swallow your “whitebait” from under the mangroves and battling it out in shallow water. So if you are heading to the Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor, Florida area and want a first class day on the water make sure you contact Mark or if you have any questions do not hesitate to call me in Indiana at 219-363-3488.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing!

Todd Hudson

Tarpon fishing guide charters

Mark knows and loves tarpon fishing, and if you want a guide with a passion for tarpon, then Capt. Mark is your man.

Nathan Throckmorton

I have fished with Capt. Mark the last couple of years and can’t put it into words how great of a time we had. Of course always getting out on the water is worth the trip, but we go fishing to catch fish, and Mark definitely knows how to put you on the fish. For instance, this past May we turned the corner at Little Gasparilla pass and there were literally hundreds of tarpon rolling. We crept up on them and within minutes had a fish on. You may ask why wouldn’t you, or say, of course, but when we arrived there were about three boats already there and they could not even get fish to look at their bait. We ended up losing the first one but went right to the same pod and immediately caught another tarpon, and not just any tarpon, a 175 lbs. beauty. And again no other boat even got a fish on. After a 45-50 min. fight we went back to the same pod and caught another fish, well you get my point. Mark knows and loves tarpon fishing, and if you want a guide with a passion for tarpon, then Capt. Mark is your man.

Nathan Throckmorton

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Anonymous E-mail received 5/22/2002:

Subject: Dues Unpaid?

Is it a curse? Dues unpaid? I haven’t done enough wrong to be sentenced to year after year of watching you demoralize every guide I’ve chartered! You changed boats, changed mates, I fished with you a couple years back with some brawny long haired bearded Florida boy, a little intimidated to do the right thing just in his presence, but that changed when we boated more tarpon than the entire party of 15 boats put together! Who was that Mate!!!! I thought for sure he would be doing this kind of thing right beside you? You really rode his ass hard! Any way I wanted to tell you that the day with you and your mate changed the way I see people and its all to yours and his credit! I am no longer with Berkley and my health will prevent another season down south. Don’t change!!!!

Reply to sender:

I remember the day you fished with me. It truly was a great day. Large group trips like that one for are not really my style. Contrary to popular belief, fancy boats, shirts and big sponsorships don’t catch tarpon.

Like my daddy always said “money can’t buy you love”. This especially holds true with tarpon.

Thanks for the letter of encouragement,

Capt. Mark Bennett

I cannot thank you enough Mark for helping to create a lifetime memory of exhilaration and joy. The sheer amazement watching the physical ability of a Tarpon flying through the air with reckless abandon, attached to the other end of the line held by my pole shall forever be burned into my memory.

An experience of a lifetime, which I will now look forward to one day sharing with my children when they are ready to hunt the the most incredible fish in the world with the best guide in the world.

You and Jenni were both great. I very much look forward to seeing the pictures Jenni was able to take.

I hope to see you next year about the same time…….. to create another memory of a lifetime.

Best Regards,

Keith Foley

Tarpon fishing charters

Capt. Mark and Jenni,

Hello, We had the opportunity to fish with you back in May. We had a really great time fishing with you two. We were very impressed with how well you two work together.

Mark I got to hand it to you, you really know them fish! I remember we went out in the harbor out off of Burnt Store and we looked and looked but never could find them. So you took us back to where some boats were and there were poons there. You slipped right up in there and in a matter of minutes I had one on. What impressed us most was you know exactly where to throw. I know by looking at the rigs and watching you throw them it cant be very easy, let alone putting it right where you want it. I ended up having 1 get off, catching a nice cobia, then landing a real nice poon. A lot of guides would never have done what you did then, leave fish to find fish. You had a feeling they would be back out in the harbor off Burnt so away we went. You threw out and as usual within minutes bam. This fish was a monster it was awesome! The best thing was it was my wife Tonya’s turn. Needless to say she fought the giant for some time and a big bull shark ended up getting after it and frayed the leader and it got off. You and Jenni both reckoned it to be 180 lbs class fish. The good thing is now she’s addicted and wants to go back and try again to get one to the boat!

We received Jenni’s photos about a month ago and were amazed! Really great pictures. I thought we took some good ones till I saw yours.

We will be giving you a call and setting something up for May again.

Todd and Tonya Aurand, Fort Wayne, IN

tarpon fishing guide

Dear Mark and Jenni,

Charlie and I wanted to thank you for the tarpon trip. We enjoyed it very much. Your professionalism and dedication to catching fish goes above and beyond many others we have taken trips with. You make a great team. It was a trip that we both will always remember, especially Charlie as this was his first tarpon. Good luck to both of you and many thanks!

Jill and Charlie Griner-Watson

tarpon fishing

I had the pleasure of battling silver kings once again with Capt. Mark Bennett this past June. Reflecting back, it is difficult to describe completely the experience and do it proper justice. Difficult, because tarpon fishing with Capt. Mark is such a unique adventure and unlike any other fishing I have ever experienced. From the anticipation building spot and stalk, to the thunderous hook up, to the unparalleled acrobatic jumps right on down to the after battle exhaustion. It all adds up to making the tarpon experience with Capt. Mark unlike any fishing I have ever done before in my life. I say fishing, but honestly, it is very akin to hunting in every sense of the word. There is no blind casting, no trolling, no wishful thinking that maybe there is a fish in the area. No. Capt. Mark goes where the fish are. True there are other guides that try to use the same tactics, but here is where the difference between Capt. Mark and others becomes readily apparent. Capt. Mark is not your run of the mill guide, he is a tarpon expert. It is rumored among the locals (and deservedly so) that Mark has gills. He has a passion for and knowledge of tarpon that is second to none. The intensity that he pursues these beasts is incredible. It is nothing short of remarkable to watch him meticulously read a pod of tarpon, then pick the right spot and time to present the bait to them. This knowledge, coupled with a well maintained boat, top of the line tackle and an intimate feel of the area is what makes fishing with Capt Mark the ultimate tarpon experience. To put it simple, the Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor area is the tarpon capital of the world and Capt. Mark Bennett is the absolute best guide around. Whether it is a once in a lifetime quest or if you are looking for a perennial adventure Capt. Mark is the only way to go!

Jim Armstrong, Kentucky

tarpon fishing guide charters

Capt. Mark and Jenni,

We’ve been on the water with you twice now and it gets better every time. We have never witnessed a fishing guide team who shows passion, pride, professionalism and skill as much as you two. We have fished with numerous guides from British Columbia for salmon and halibut, to the keys for Dolphin and Wahoo, but have never met dedicated experts like you two who enjoy being out there as much as the clients. In fact, the first time we fished with you a few years ago the tarpon were still all around us when it was time to go, but you and Jenni wouldn’t leave until the bite shut down. You made a point to have the best gear and you let us fish with minimal assistance or coaching unless you were asked or it was needed. Many guides are all about bringing in the fish to brag with photos and actually get upset if you lose a fish…Not Mark and Jenni. You guys want your customers to experience the whole ride. In fact, I think you love watching someone hook their first tarpon. Sort of like watching a kid see Disney or Christmas for the first time. It’s just icing on the cake if the fish comes boat side. Thanks again for the fishing trip of a lifetime and we will definitely see you next season. Also thanks Jenni for the amazing photos of our epic battles…can’t wait to frame them!!!

Kai-Wei and Kristin Chung, Orlando, FL

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

I wanted to thank you both for yet another awesome Tarpon adventure in the waters around Boca Grande. As the coordinator for, Tarpon hunts; it’s always my goal to book my guys with the best Tarpon guides in SW Florida. The reports from each of my anglers this year was again unbelievable. Without exception you were the angler’s favorite. Deer hunters can be an intense bunch and demand the same intensity from their guides. As usual, my guys knew they were fishing with the most intense Tarpon guide there is when they were in your boat. Your passion and knowledge of these fish seemed to again, be the dominate reason our guys were flying Tarpon while other boats never hooked up and had to watch us catch Tarpon. In case you hadn’t heard the total number of Tarpon hooked that weekend was 61!! 42 of which were hooked from your boat! Those are phenomenal numbers that left my guys with sore biceps and memories they will never forget! Thanks again for making the 3rd annual “Tarpon Hunt” such a phenomenal success. You guys ROCK!

Rod Luke,

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

I’ve had a couple weeks now to reflect on my Tarpon trip and wanted to share with you my thoughts. It became very evident why you are so successful. Being a guide myself, I understand what is involved. Your skills and techniques are very polished and I do not know if I will ever meet someone as passionate about something as you are with Tarpon. Your passion is contagious and I’m certainly hooked for life. You certainly know what you are doing and it is blatantly obvious that you are “the man” when it come to Tarpon fishing on the Gulf Coast. I cannot imagine why someone would want to pursue Tarpon any other way than the way you and Jenni do. The way you spot and stalk a pod of Tarpon is worth the trip alone. And once the fish are presented the bait or lure, anticipation sets in and the adrenaline soon follows, as it is required to fight such a powerful fish. I don’t know who got more excited when we hooked up, you or us. These fish are amazing fighters. I’m certain I will never hook up with another fish that will display, fight and play like a Tarpon. Simply unbelievable.

And Jenni, your reputation proceeded you by mouth and by way of your work. Your photography is wonderful and can’t wait to see what you captured during our trip. My dad and I would like to thank you for a wonderful outing, as he realized something he has dreamed about doing for years and I’ve developed a new addiction. I plan to make Tarpon a yearly adventure with you. I will recommend you without hesitation to anyone looking to Tarpon fish! Thanks for a wonderful trip and helping us make some lasting memories. You and Jenni are first class. Feel free to use me as a reference any time.

Good Hunting,

Bill Cartwright,

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Capt, Mark,

Its July one and the countdown to this years tarpon fun for us at America’s Outdoorsman continues. In 05 I sat in a similar position dreaming of tarpon and feeling the strength of the silver king. In those days I wondered, “will I catch one”. Today, I have no doubt that my scheduled 06 July trip with you and Jenni will produce another incredible fishing event, that includes a tired fisherman and huge tarpon. Without fail, you have always produced spectacular days on the water for me and my buddies.

I have been privileged over the years to fish and hunt many places and as a guide myself I tend to grade the experience on the passion and tenacity and knowledge, of the guide I am with. You sir, are tops in that regard, and put fish after fish in front of us every time we come.. I have watched you hook up when no one was hooking, and even spent a day 6-7 100 lb + fish deep when the whole of Boca Grande Pass was filled with tourney boats that only mustered one baby tarpon to win their contest. All the while we worked pods and got tight on big poons while the pack watched in awe. Got to love it when that happens! Your are a tarpon fishing genius Capt. Mark Bennett and I look forward to the next learning curve on tarpon from you Baitbuster Mayhem in July!!! We will see you soon friend!

If you are browsing around the net getting ready to try tarpon look no further this man is the best out there. Simple as that.

John Coit

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Captain Mark,

Thanks again to you and Jenni for truly a trip of a lifetime! Unbelievable!

I’ve been waiting a lot of years to make a Tarpon trip as it was so important to me, I wanted it to be a good one. Well I didn’t get a good one, I got a GREAT one! You and Jenni are great guides…and seriously, I’d say that even if we had not hooked so many Tarpon I lost count! You two work very well together and it was a pleasure to fish with both of you.

Thanks again for a great trip. Oh, and “see you next year…AUGUST!”

Ed Novak, Author “Meet Me at the Net: Stories from Steelhead Alley”

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett


Hope you’re enjoying some well deserved time off. I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all you and Jenni did for Ed and I Monday thru Wednesday. My fishing buddies back here in the Midwest are all jealous as hell. You run a 1st class operation and the testimonials on your web site are right on the money. Some of the photos we took are great but I can’t wait to see Jenni’s. After 3 days of fighting 100# plus tarpon my trip to Idaho for trout next month will pale in comparison. Hope you have some dates available for August of 2008. I’m sure this will be an annual trip for Ed and I. Like Ed said the only way to describe the action you gave us is to tell people that we honestly couldn’t keep track of all the hookups and fish landed. When you can say that about 50 to 180 pound fish it says it all. Thanks again for all your patience, help, and friendship.

It truly was the trip of a lifetime and the memories will last that long.


Mike Reny

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark and Jenni,

I would like to thank you for our first and definitely not final Tarpon trip. You truly exceeded our expectations; very rarely do you meet someone as passionate about something as you are about tarpon fishing. Once again thanks for everything those couple of days. I thought it was a great gesture to come over and take a few pics of Ben with his first tarpon that meant a lot to him.

Hope to see you in August!


Matt Leech, Northeast Sales Manager, Formetco

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark and Jenni,

Just made in home and we still can’t wipe the smiles off our faces. It was truly

a great adventure fishing with you both. Beth’s fish will forever be brought up in the many stories

of how she out fished me, and that line peeling run towards the beach. As it should be! Thank you so much for sharing your time with us. Hope to see you both again soon.

Tight Lines,

Rod and Beth

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

The fishing trip of a lifetime!

What a wonderful trip! The pictures were amazing! I was so thrilled to hear the kids tell their stories. Greatest fishing we’ve ever experienced. Thank you both so much it was incredible.

May the fish always be on!

Susan Thoss

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Dear Mark and Jenni,

Since it’s been a few months since we were on the water together, I thought it was high time to take a few minutes and thank you both for the four days Patrick and I fished with you. When someone, like myself, is truly passionate about sport fishing, and only has 10 or perhaps 15 days each year to fish quality water, all hopes go into their captain and crew. What I found in both of you was two people as passionate as I was, each and every minute we were fishing. I have never been on a charter boat with a captain or crew that matched your collective drive and enthusiasm. I took note every morning of new leaders tied on every rod, every drag being smooth, every hook sticky sharp. I know there’s only one way to go after fish like tarpon; that’s the right way. Overlooking the smallest detail usually results in disappointment. That’s what made fishing with you great; you leave nothing to chance, you see that everything within your control is done the way it should be. I also need to mention that I have never seen anyone “read” their target species as well as you. You almost seemed to know which way the fish would turn, seemed to know if they would or wouldn’t bite. Really nothing short of amazing in my opinion.

Of course, the cherry on top of all of this is that you both are so nice to be with. When you spend four days together on a small boat, you get to know someone by the end of the trip. Plain and simple, you guys are just fun to be with. Factor the wonderful fighting ability of the tarpon into the equation, and it makes for a truly unforgettable experience. I couldn’t think of any way to improve on our time together.

Thanks so very much, and stay well.

Jon Africano & Pat Benson, Wayne, NJ

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

I want to let you know what a great time we had. Dad and I have been going on fishing trips for many years including numerous visits to Canada, Alaska, Cabo San Lucas, Belize, and the Keys. This was the best trip ever. The large number of very big fish was outstanding. We also appreciate your well organized and professional approach to everything.

Thank you again,

Paul Kleinen

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Capt. Mark and Jenni,

I am a little late on this but just wanted to say thank you very much. My family and I had one of the best vacations we have ever had thanks to you. By thanks to you I am referring to your dedication to me and my family as a charter captain, but most importantly giving me this trip for free because I was returning from Iraq. We would have never considered something like this as a fun family event. You and Jenni are truly wonderful people. I have met many people in my travels and very few would I say have the genuine concern for others that you display. An instance I am talking about is taking the time out of our day tarpon fishing to put my daughter and her friend on something small enough they could catch. Of course, I enjoyed catching a 125 pound tarpon. However, as a father it was much more important after 15 months in Iraq to see my family happy!

THANKS!!! Best wishes to both of you.

Sergeant Rick Shannon, 1-15th Infantry Regiment/Stay Dragon

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Dear Captain Mark,

Just a word of thanks for two great days of backwater fishing. Cari and I are avid fishermen, we got engaged 22 years ago while fishing. I’ve fished with many good guides from coast to coast and in Mexico and Puerto Rico. The days we spent with you catching snook, reds and speckled trout in the back waters off of Boca Grande were great. I can say without hesitation that you are the most knowledgeable, competent, best and most fun guide I’ve ever had the pleasure of fishing with. Some guides have to always pretend to be tough guys—who can do no wrong. It was a pleasure to fish with somebody who not only knows what he is doing, but who readily admits to learning his trade from years of trial and error, making the same mistakes we all have—andbeing able to laugh about it too. You helped bring professional fishing down to the level of a regular guy and his wife. I will be back—for many years hopefully—but for sure in August to chase the big “Silver Kings.”

Until then, keep catching ‘em and keep ‘em laughing.

See you soon.

Mark LaRose, Chicago

P.S. We fed 25 people fresh Trout, Snook and Redfish cooked 6 different ways!

backwater fishing
Captain Mark Bennett backwater

Hey Mark,

Just wanted to drop you a line after our trip yesterday. Much thanks to you and your wife for giving me such a special day on the water with my son. It wasn’t just the fact that we caught fish until our arms fell off, or even that huge redfish we caught; those were just bonuses. It was the privilege of spending the day with a world class guide and terrific person, in a spectacular place.

A magical day for sure.

All the best, and hope to see you again next year.

Very truly yours,

Carl Quance

Captain Mark Bennett backwater

If you are interested in world class tarpon fishing with world class fishing guides then you must book a trip with Capt. Mark Bennett. I grew up fishing and have used many guides when fishing for species that I have never caught before. I have been with the worst and the best and believe me…. Mark and Jenni are at the top, hands down. You will not find anyone else who can consistently find tarpon and stay on them until you hook up. I’ve fished with them several times and hot or cold we have always hooked up. Above all else, Mark and Jenni are genuine people who practice sound conservation and put fish and their clients first.

Thanks Mark and Jenni for your hard work and such an awesome time.


Daniel Evans

If anyone wants to call me for a reference please don’t hesitate: (214) 796-8306

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Captain Mark and Jenni,

I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had fishing with you guys on May 30th and May 31st. As you may recall, I was your novice fisherman. But after Sunday and 3 tarpon later I am at the very least no longer novice. More importantly, I now have the fishing bug. There is not a better feeling than when you have hooked a big one and then watch them fly in the air!!! I would highly recommend you to anyone and will certainly be returning with some buddies to enjoy the experience of fishing with the “Tarpon Whisperer.” Sunday was a great day with Adam catching 2 big tarpon and between us 5 total with 11 or 12 hooked. Anyway I can’t wait to see the pictures Jenni took. I hope to see you guys soon and certainly will continue to recommend you guys to anyone who wants to catch Tarpon.


Joe York

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Capt. Mark gave us the tarpon fishing experience of a lifetime.

Adam H. Putnam

U.S. Congressman

“Capt. Mark gave us the tarpon fishing experience of a lifetime. We had hookups while the other boats were wondering what happened to the bite. His professionalism and knowledge of the local waters made for a terrific sport fishing experience!”

It was an awesome day on the water and one I won’t forget. Y’all are the best.

BTW: The pictures are fantastic! Thank you very much!

Adam H. Putnam U.S. Congressman

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Capt. Mark,

I would like to thank you for a wonderful tarpon fishing trip. We went out early on a Saturday morning myself and my 12 year old son. Capt Mark and his wife Jenni were wonderful hosts and were very supportive of my son. We initially hooked a 50lb tarpon amongst 20 other boats that were catching nothing, unfortunately as we pulled the fish in {my son was pulling} a 9 foot bull shark stole the catch at the last moment. We continued to fish and if it were not for the great expertise and knowledge that Capt Mark has we would have caught nothing. In the last hour when I was ready to give up Capt. Mark persisted and my son hooked a big fish that weighed as much as himself. Capt. Mark assisted from afar and let my son reel in this 90 lb tarpon, a once in a lifetime thrill for my son and myself. Thanks again Capt. Mark

Ken Blau, Sarasota, FL

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Capt. Mark & Jenni,

Elena & I just wanted to let you both know how much we appreciated the three days we spent with you two in pursuit of the greatest fish on earth. Working in a similar field as a hunting outfitter I knew from the first prompt response I got from you via the email that you had your act together. The pre-trip preparation is half the fun. And you made it even easier by providing us with all the info we needed when it came to places to stay & equipment to bring. We have fished all over the world with many professional fishing guides. But I can say with no hesitation, your fishing operation is the “Best” we have ever fished with! Starting the first morning at the ramp, there was no dilly-dallying around the dock. One of the main reasons was, we were the first ones there (5:30 am) & guess who was first on the fish? As we pulled up on the first spot to “listen” for the fish, I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive. Here we are in the dark, in a large body of water with no noticeable difference from the rest of the huge expanse of water around us doing something none of the other fishing guides I had fished with had ever done? And then I heard the fish! Then we started seeing fish! With in a short time I was hooked up with a Tarpon! As a young man I use to watch The American Sportsman, hosted by the late Curt Gowdy. Standing on the front of your boat hooked up with a flying tarpon screaming line off the reel flashed me back to that time from my youth. And as the fight was completed with a successful release of my first ever tarpon, I had to fight back the tears of a childhood dream that had just been realized & shared with my bride. This dream was realized because of your dedication to what you and Jenni do so well! Fishing with you all is an adventure I would recommend to anyone willing to listen. I would recommend they book more than one day. You guys took us to the bay the first two days and then out to the beaches off of Boca Grande the third day. It was like two different fishing experiences. What a beautiful area you have been blessed with to call home. I think the tarpon caught total was fifteen. Elena & I both caught the largest fish of our lives on this trip! Three of these fish were over the 120lb mark. After the first one I learned to listen to Jenni and use the fighting belt. Feel the Burn! And our complete fishing adventure was professionally photographed by Jenni. Jenni, thank you for the magnificent photos, every time I look at them I get a big smile on my face. In closing, I will give the following advice. If you want to go fishing in one of the most beautiful areas in the world with the “BEST” Tarpon guides, Capt. Mark & Jenni Bennett are your only choice.

Thanks again for a wonderful adventure!

Mike & Elena Connett, Wide Rack Outfitters, Ohio

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Capt. Mark and Jenni,

I hope all is well with you guys in sunny Florida, we are all back in the rainy cold wet UK just the usual for us. Firstly I would just like to pass on my sincere thanks to you and Mark for such a memorable days tarpon fishing, it was the highlight of our holiday for us boys, and the wives were getting slightly jaded of our stories and how our catches seemed to grow in size over the 2 weeks.

Once again many thanks and we hope to join you again one day.

Best Regards, MAC & Ryan

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Hello Jenni and Mark,

We have been back home now for a week and things have settled back into a routine again.. Just wanted to let you guys know that Jackie and I had the best time fishing with you. It was so much fun for me watching Jackie battle her first fish ever and then tangle with huge tarpon. She loved it and we can not wait to return to do it again. The pictures are absolutely awesome. We are having a hard time deciding which ones to get. Can’t wait to come fish with you guys again. Well keep in touch and we will talk to you soon. Once again, thanks for everything. The two of you truly made this one of the most memorable experiences of Jackie and my fishing careers.

Brad Whitfield

Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Hi Jenni and Mark,

I really enjoyed fishing with you folks. Thanks to you I have a new personal best for sighted tarpon, tarpon bites and tarpon caught in one day. Thank you very much! Your knowledge, experience, desire to catch tarpon and terrific team work were clearly demonstrated by numbers of tarpon caught. Without a doubt make you the BEST! tarpon guides, by far!

I will look forward to fishing with you again next year,

L.G. Couch, Melbourne, FL

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark and Jenni,

Wanted to drop you guys a quick line and thank you again for the experience yesterday. I’ve fished all my days and never have I hooked into beasts like the ones you put us on yesterday. I now completely understand your love for this type of fishing and for the Tarpon.

You guys keep up the good work and I’m sure we’ll meet again.

Thanks Again,

Harold Schoen

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Capt Mark,

I enjoyed our trip today very much. First Tarpon, won’t be my last. I’ll have to go again, maybe next year. This will be one of the few times that I won’t have to worry about finding a good guide. I found one. If you can send the pictures my way, I’ll make my friends jealous. I’ll probably even show them to people I don’t like.

Thanks again,

Aaron Gann, D7 Waterproofing

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark & Jenni,

I wanted to thank you for the best fishing experience of my life. Words aren’t justice for this experience. Your professionalism was awesome. I did a morning trip and was able to pull up jump on your boat and with in an hour we were reeling in a massive Tarpon. This was my first ever Tarpon trip and with your expertise and knowledge I was able to land two out of three fish. You and Jenni made this trip a true relaxing adventure. This trip is one I know I will never forget. You will be the first name and number I give when friends and family are wanting a fishing trip of a lifetime. 6/3/2010

Jason Buck, Illusions of Tampa Bay, Dover, FL

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark and Jenni,

Thanks so much for providing Jim & I with the best charter (hands down) I have ever had. No one could have worked harder than you two to put fish on the line. Every moment on the water with you guys was a lesson in tarpon fishing 101. I can’t imagine anyone more proficient and capable than you and Jenni.

The photo’s Jenni shared with us, were out of this world!

Thank you so much,

Larry Pidkowa

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark and Jenni,

I had the BEST time on Sunday with you! I also was reading the Sport Fishing Magazine that has the tarpon articles in it and saw that they mentioned you and your fishing philosophies! Very cool…read that on my way home. Dying to see the pics from May 30th – Bill and me April. We will see you next year for sure- I told Gary that when I hooked that one it was better than skydiving or even the shark diving we did…the one on one thing….and thank you Jenni for being right behind me!!!

I will be even more ready next year!

April Sleigh

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Hey Mark & Jenni

Thanks for the trip on May 8th & 9th. You two make a great team – like watching two surgeons in an operating room! Hopefully we’ll be able to get back down next year. Does Jenni sell the pictures she takes? (ours didn’t come out too good and these are definitely the biggest fish we’ve ever caught!)


Todd Higgins and Suzanne Karapashev

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark and Jenni,

I just wanted to say it was nice meeting both of you, and getting to spend some time in your world of Tarpon. I feel we went beyond the norm, by catching and releasing three really awesome fish, in such a short period of time. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. I had an absolute blast! It amazes me how powerful, and how acrobatic these Tarpon are. They are capable of almost anything. My right arm is still a little sore. I just want to say thanks to both of you for showing me such a good time. I appreciate it.

This is something I will never forget and hope to do again real soon.


John Paulus, 05/26/2010

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Hi Mark, Just a note to say “thanks” to you and Jenni for a great fishing trip. Your professionalism and genuine concern for our having a great time is sincerely appreciated. If anytime you want to use me as a reference go right ahead. I would be happy to put in a good word for you. I was impressed after the backwater trip and totally impressed after the tarpon trip. I have taken a number of guided trips and yours has to rank at the top.


Doug Cole

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

I just wanted to write and thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for a truly unbelievable trip. For us it’s not about the quantity of fish you catch it’s so much more than that!! We have come to fall in love with the Boca Grande area and the truly unbelievable fishery you guys have. Being die hard King Mackerel fisherman our entire lives for some reason this past year has been all about trying to catch the elusive “Silver King”!! Our hats are off to you guys because you made this happen for us!!! From our conversations on the phone , to your boat, to your equipment , and Ms. Jenni being so organized, you guys are 1st class! My husband still is saying I need to take pointers from her-LOL! Being in the charter business ourselves we know how you want to make every trip great, and you guys did this for us. After going with the “other guys” in the area, WOW you blow them out of the water! My husband being a past Pro Fisherman it seemed to us the other charter captains belittled him as if he had never fished before- you did the opposite, you gave him some good guidance and let him go at it. You guys were exactly what we had been looking for in a charter. I’ve heard him talking on his cell phone for the past two days about the trip, how great you guys were and how you seemed to really care! Just like when we had landed 2 and time was running out and you see another pod of Tarpon and you made one last attempt to hook them up so I had the chance to battle a Tarpon when you could have just as easily taken us home . This truly impressed me and the fact all those other guys didn’t hook half what we did!! I think they were all there to watch you-Haha!! We have fished on charters so many places-Key West, Bahamas, St. Kitts, Jamaica, Aruba, and never once have I sent an email thanking a captain, but I could not pass up this opportunity!! I told my husband after Saturday it was the best trip we had ever been on, plus I thought I was falling in love with Tarpon fishing. Needless to say we all had permanent grins plastered on our faces the rest of the day. I enclosed some pics we snapped that day, not nearly as good as some of Jenni’s I’ve seen on your website, but I thought you might like to have them. We are looking at buying a place down there so we will definitely be back-sooner the better for me (Possibly September)! Next time maybe our daughter will have the courage to grab a rod- her comment was “Mom, I would have been shark bait. Those fish would have pulled me in!!” Needless to say she asked when were we coming back….. Once again THANKS you do not know how excited I was that we hooked 6 fish and landed 3, but you let us be us! You guys are great people, coaches and fisherman and we can’t wait to take the water again with you! Anytime you want to visit NC let us know we own condos on the beach of the NC Coast and we would love to have you guys as our guest!!

PS- So funny to look at these pics, Mark’s smile was as big as ours in every picture. Just like he caught the fish! You guys are the best!!

Thanks and good luck with the rest of your season!!

Amy M. Morris, Troy, NC

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett
Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

When it comes to fishing, I can take it or leave it…now, I mostly leave it. About a year ago, my dad mentioned he saw a television program about tarpon fishing in Boca Grande, Florida. We have talked for at least thirty-five years about going to Boca; after every discussion, my dad soon dropped the idea. This time I was determined to get him over there. You see, he has fished for tarpon many times in Louisiana and has hooked plenty. The key word is “hooked.” He never landed one. I started searching for a guide on the Internet and came across a website that caught my eye, There were several things on Captain Mark Bennett’s website that I found interesting. The first thing was he doesn’t fish in the pass. Second, he was featured in Sport Fishing Magazine. He is also involved in Florida’s Tarpon Genetic Research Program, having submitted the most DNA samples last year according to the State of Florida website. Finally, he is a full-time guide.

I called Captain Mark and had a nice conversation. He answered all of my questions and even sent me information on hotels and restaurants in the area. In my mind, I had the right guide. The only problem now was that I knew if I gave the information to my dad, he would drop it. So my wife and I decided to book a trip for three days in June and bring my mom and dad. We informed them of the trip just before departure.

Within about one hour on the first fishing day, my previous idea that I had found the right guide was confirmed. Captain Mark kept us on the fish. Even when we lost sight of the pods, he would reposition the boat where they would resurface. The first day we hooked five or six. The second day my dad landed his first tarpon at 74 years old. On the third day, he helped my wife land her first tarpon after she hooked it. Altogether we landed three tarpon. Captain Mark is wonderful, but he is only half the team. His wife, Jenni, joins him as his mate. The teamwork between these two is amazing. They speak very little to one another while in fishing mode. As soon as Captain Mark puts his hand out, Jenni is handing him a freshly baited rod and grabbing the used one. They have good quality equipment and know what to do with it.

My dad is not an easy person to please, so for him to thoroughly enjoy himself is a feat. In fact, he enjoyed himself so much he brought a friend for another excursion two months later. During this trip, they landed six tarpon. Because of Captain Mark and Jenni’s teamwork, excellent equipment, and their concern for the environment through the Research Program, we will not consider anyone else for our next tarpon fishing trip. I highly recommend anyone with interest in tarpon fishing to give Captain Mark and Jenni a call!

Matt J. Cheramie, Cut Off, LA

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett


Towards the end of the second trip when we were about to head in for the day, your Dad Bo said something to me that I will never forget. After almost 20 years as a guide, I have never had anyone give me such a great compliment.

He said, “Mark we know fishing, not tarpon fishing, but we know fishing. We have fished our whole lives. I fished with a lot of guides all over. They all tell me how good they are. How they did this or they did that. You didn’t do that. You showed me how good you are.”

His words mean a lot to me and will stay with me forever.

It was great spending time and getting to know your family. I hope to see you guys again soon.

Capt. Mark Bennett

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Dear Capt. Mark and Jenni,

Attached is my tribute to the wonderful time you showed my husband Bob and daughter Jennifer during our recent trip at the end of June……Bob talks nothing but about the trip. It was truly the best experience in his 60 years of fishing. Attached is his favorite picture which now proudly hangs framed on our entrance wall for all to see. I can not thank you both enough for your dedication in making the trip successful (both last year and this year.) I’m sure we will see you next summer, too.

T’was the night before the tarpon trip was to begin,

And I was trying to get some rest at the Veranda Inn.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But the shadow of my husband who seemed filled with fear.

What if it gets off or just don’t even catch one?

What if I go back to Pennsylvania without landing a tarpon?

What if I can’t handle a big one with this old “bod”?

What if panic and “jerk the rod”?

“Relax,” I consoled. “Just go and have fun.’

“Capt. Mark will make sure you land a tarpon.”

And sure enough Capt. Mark and his first mate Jenni,

Steered through the waters and found tarpon, a many.

With first mate Jenni’s help and Capt. Mark’s expertise,

My husband boated the silver king, not one, not two, but three.

A 140 pounder was the biggest one caught,

And everyday I still hear how hard it fought.

And everyday I hear about that trip to catch tarpon,

But mostly I hear of how the Capt. Mark and Jenni are better than anyone.

So thank you to the Bennett’s for making my husband achieve his dream,

For now I look into his eyes I see no fear only gleam.

So for tarpon success see Capt. Mark and Jenni,

Because their superior talents and skills by far out rank any.


Linda Hoenstine, tarpon fisherman’s wife

P.S. This is my way of thanking the Bennetts

(Seriously…you can’t make this stuff up!)

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett
Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Captain Mark,

We had a great time — highlight of our vacation and a lot of stories to be told. I have learned over the years that our stories only get better over time as we refine and embellish. My Captain Mark adventure is a sure winner.

By the way, during the trip you told us that you were at 100 tagged tarpon and said that we would be 101. So, that is my story and I am sticking to it…..So from Boca 101 to you, enjoy the photos.

We will be in touch….Thanks again

Bob Carberry, Boca 101

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

April 2011

Mark, I just wanted to thank you and Jenni for a great day on the water. My kids will never forget catching their first tarpon and the both of you did a great job. I have been fishing for a long time and have been on many charters, you guys were fun to fish with and down to earth.

If there is anyone in Boca Grande that knows tarpon fishing, Captain Mark Bennett is the one!!!

Many Thanks,

Freddy St. Laurent

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark and Jenni,

Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend tarpon fishing with you guys, you’re a great team together and it’s nice to see how passionate you are about what you do. We do a lot of fishing at home, but it’s going to be hard to beat the tarpon fishing experience!! Can’t wait to come back and try our luck again.

Al & Nicki Ford, Ontario, Canada

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark and Jenni:

Headed back to Iowa today. Hope you had a great day on the water. Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had June 1st and 2nd fishing with you two. The whole experience was too notch! Our mission in coming to Boca Grande was to catch tarpon and all I can say is “mission accomplished”!

Thanks for everything and get those pictures and videos uploaded, we can’t wait to see what Jenni was able to capture!

Thanks again,

Greg and Nick Overton

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

“When you fish with Captain Mark, you’ll experience the adrenalin pumping thrill of sight fishing for Florida’s greatest game fish. His primary goal is to provide his clients with a heart pounding adventure they will never forget and his repeat client list is a testimony to his ability to achieve this goal. Whether you are a first time saltwater angler or a seasoned pro, Captain Mark Bennett will accommodate your needs and provide you with an adventure you will never forget.” St.Croix Rods


I wanted to write and thank you for the fantastic two days of tarpon fishing we enjoyed with you and Jenni. Catching a tarpon has been a dream of mine for years. You certainly made that dream a reality. I very much appreciated how hard you worked (with such patience) to teach us how to catch tarpon. It was great to have six hook-ups and four landed in the two days of fishing. I couldn’t help but notice how much more often we were on fish as compared to the other boats that we saw. I can only equate that to your experience and skill as a first rate guide. I also want to compliment your first mate Jenni. My wife really enjoyed Jenni’s company and Jenni made sure all the details were taken care of with all the fishing gear (plus her pictures are fantastic). I know that having those details taken care helped keep us on fish. I certainly did not see any other guide I would want to be with on a tarpon trip to the Boca Grande area. I hope to have the chance to fish with you again in the future and would certainly reccomend you to any friend interested in tarpon fishing. Thanks again for the great time.

Doug Cannon

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Mark and Jenni,

I want to thank you for the great time and enthusiasm on our tarpon fishing trip on May 30. It was a great experience and I appreciate the expertise you brought to the table as we hook up multiple times and one to the boat when others around did not hook up once. You have a great knowledge and eye for the the tarpon. Again, we need to stay in touch and maybe we can get you up to Southeast Iowa for some big Iowa whitetail bucks. Jenni I would appreciate any photos you would have on the fish we got to the boat. Let’s stay in touch and thank you again for a wonderful day. Hope you new Mathews bow is shooting awesome for you.


Ryan Lauer, Iowa

Yo Ryan, I am still waiting on that call to get after those Iowa bucks… Mark

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Hey Mark,


I wanted to say thanks for the great time yesterday. Jerry and I had a blast! No pain, no gain.

Speaking of which, my gut’s a little sore today. I think next time Jenni asks me, “Do you want the belt”, I may take her up on it.

Again, thanks for the trip and I hope to see you in August. I think I would like to throw some plastics. It looked like a blast on the videos.

Thank You,

Walt (don’t jerk) Williams

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

I just wanted to thank you and Jenni for a wonderful 3 days of fishing. My dad and I had a great trip. The fishing, company and weather could not have been better. I will be contacting you soon to book a trip for next year. This time my wife will be coming.

Good fishing,

Keep your lines tight,

Ritch Nally

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett


Capt. Mark,

Good evening! Sorry it has taken me so long to write! I just wanted to write and thank you so much for making Brandon’s 16th Birthday a blast!!!! All of us will remember this trip for the rest of our life! Brandon will remember hooking and catching his first tarpon. I will remember watching his enjoyment. My dad will remember not falling out of the boat! He had a blast! It was awesome seeing all those tarpon and actually getting to catch them.

You and your wife worked so good together making the trip easy and enjoyable…

Thank you again.

May God bless you and lead you!

Brad Boyles

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett


Capt. Mark,

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful fishing trip. You and Jenni made it an absolute blast. I will be talking with my dad so we can book again for next year.

Thanks so much!!!!!

Chris Lorenz

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett


Well, I made it home with many lasting memories fresh on my mind. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you and Jenni in putting all the effort that you did to enable me to have such a good time. Tell Jenni I’m still grinning. Good luck, and I hope that you continue to allow people the same thrill I had to say ” fish on” Tell Jenni thank you for the many shots she took of the trip. I cannot wait to show them to several of my friends. Again, Thank you.

Here is something you might want to use, your call.

If you desire to have the greatest opportunity to say “fish on”, you need to give Mark Bennett a call. From the moment you meet Mark and his wife Jenni, you are comfortable knowing that you are in the best boat, using top of the line equipment and giving you the best chance to land a tarpon. Mark’s years of experience and knowledge of tarpon behavior is unsurpassed in the guiding business. He will do everything possible and give you that extra effort for you to have that trip of a lifetime. So get that “I caught a tarpon grin. ” Give Mark a call and reserve a spot on his boat. You will be glad you did

Johnny Holcomb, San Antonio, Texas

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Capt. Mark,

Thanks for everything!

You made it a very enjoyable time. Its an experience every one should have with you and Jenni.

I know my brother and I will always remember it.


Mark Ziemer

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Captain Mark,

Monday’s tarpon fishing trip was totally beyond our expectations. We were hoping for at least one or two tarpon for the day; but did not expect to hook up with nine and boat seven. The high quality photos taken by Jenni were outstanding and an added bonus.

It was a trip of a lifetime for us! Looking forward to another trip!

Thanks for the great experience and adventure.

Bill & Lu Fleming, Norman, OK

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett

Thanks Mark and Jenni,

I got back home in good shape although the boat is still rocking in my head and I’m still hearing “reel-reel-reel-reel-reel!” Your expertise is truly amazing – there must be some tarpon in your DNA. Though my brother is the true fisherman, it was great to learn that I too could bring in those 100-pounders using some of that “inner bad-ass” in me.

I will always remember this great experience and thanks for all the great pictures. Well done!


Ralph Roper

Boca Grande Tarpon fishing with Captain Mark Bennett