Florida Tarpon Fishing Report 08-01-2021

Aug 1, 2021

July didn’t disappoint…

July was a crazy month.  It seemed like the wind was from a different direction every day.  One day we were fishing Charlotte Harbor along a mangrove shoreline, the next we were on the beach and the next we were way up one of our rivers.

Most years I fish heavy through August.  This season I decided to head south to fish the Keys/Everglades a few weeks early.  So the next couple weeks will be my last couple here at home this summer.  It has been great but, I am so ready to get down south.

As my Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor area season is winding down my Upper Keys/Everglades tarpon season is about to wind up.  I am still open September 20th, 26th.  October 9th-12th and 16th.

Till next time.  Keep your line tight and bow when they jump.

Captain Mark Bennett